The Sweden of Lizbeth Salander

I travelled the fictional path of Lizbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Millenium Trilogy Book 1
Rådhuset, the courthouse where Lisbeth is tried and sentenced.
Pettersson and Mälar-30 Boats are throughout the books
Bellmansgatan 1 Michael Blomqvist's apartment
Bellmansgatan 1 Michael Blomqvist's apartment
Järnvägsgatan beside the rail yard.
Millenium entry doorway in the Swedish Movie version, close to but not the location in the books
Saltsjöbaden, the locale where Erica Berger lived
Was this Erica's house in Saltsjöbaden?
The building with Bjurman's Office.
Lundagatan, Lisbeth's apartment where she grew up, defended her mother, and later gave to Miriam Wu.
Was this Dragan Armansky's house in Lidingö?
Upplandsgatan. Which is Bjurman's Apartment?
Lisbeth at Slussen just before her computer was smashed in the Swedish movie version. In the Hollywood movie this was depicted in a different tunnelbana station. In the book the computer was damaged with less action and less visual drama in the parking garage at Milton Security.
Kvarnan, the bar where Lisbeth meets with the Evil Fingers
Södra Teatern where Mikael met both Lisbeth and Erika
The 7-Eleven where Lisbeth stocked up on Billy's Pan Pizza on her way to her new apartment.
View from the 7-Eleven to Lisbeth's new apartment at 9 Fiskargatan
9 Fiskargatan. The top floor is Lisbeth's new apartment.
The Millenium books were printed by Hallvigs Rexlam in Morgongåva.
Arlanda Airport where Blomqvist and Lisbeth parted.
Mellqvist Kaffebar where Mikael Blomqvist hung out and where Lisbeth saw him with Erica.
I travelled the fictional path of Lizbeth Salander, The Girl who Played with Fire Millenium Trilogy Book 2
Furusund Strait on the route Mikael sailed at the beginning of book 2 from Bullandö to the Arholma Marina. Furusund is main shipping lane out of Stockholm to Talin & Helsinki. Arholma is a long way out in the Baltic.
Norrmalm Police station entry used as a location in the Swedish movies.
Potonjargatan, the Norrmalm street where Monica Figurola lived
Between Järna and Vagnhärad, 500 feet outside the village of Svavelsjö, the last building is a printing factory, near the Svavelsjö Motor Cycle Club. (Svavelsjö is a fictional)
Svavelsjö Motor Cycle Club.
Bjurman's Cabin is located on a forest road in the region of Stallarholmen, not far from Mariefred.
A strip of Lake Mälaren can be seen near Bjurman's Cabin.
It is a short ferry ride across Furusund to Armansky's Summer Cabin on Bildö.
Hallvigs Reklam in Morgongåva printed the Millenium books.
Björk's cabin has a view of Jungfrufjärden, an inlet of the sea, in the Stockholm archipelago that stretches from Edesön outside Dalarö in the west to Mörtö-Bunsö in the east.
Jungfrufjärden (literally Virgin Bay)
The van taking Mirium Wu went through Södertälje then west on E20 towards Stärnganäs.
Just past Nykvarn the van turned left on smaller roads through country side of Sörmland, west of lake Yngern.
Mirium Wu was held captive in a barn.
"Irene Nesser" travelled to Bjurman's cabin by taking the train from Södra station to Södertälje. "Irene" walked across the train plaform to the Strängnäs bus, buying a ticket to Stallerholmen.
"Irene" got off the bus at this stop just a little south of Stallarholmen.
Bjurman's property is southwest of Lake Mälaren and about 2 miles from Bus stop.
The giant's route passed through Nykvarn to stop at Lundin's house in Svavelsjö, only 100 yards from Motor Cycle Club HQ.
Leaving Stockholm in the Toyota, Lizbeth made for the E20 and turned west in the driection of Arboga. West of Strängnäs in Eskilstuna Lisbeth persuaded the car rental agent at Autoexperten to reveal the person who rented the white Volvo. Autoexperten was listed at this address, but today the rentals are from Europcar.
Book 2 ends at the Karl Axel Broden address, P. O. Box 6121N, Gosseberga not far from Nossebro and close to Lake Anten.
I travelled the fictional path of Lizbeth Salander, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Millenium Trilogy Book 3
Monica Figurola out for her morning run on Norr Mälarstrand.
Figuerola follows a woman from Mikael's Bellmansgatan 1 apartment past the Pryssbyrån at Slussen Tunnelbana, here, out onto Södermalm Storg, and across Kataringavägen, turned the corner at McDonalds and vanished into Milton Security.
Erica and Mikael travelled between Stockholm Centralen and Göteborg on the X2000 train.
Hallvigs Reklam near the railway tracks in Morgongåva printed the Millenium Books.
Is this former Prime Minister Thorbjörn Fälldin's house outside Ramvik in Härnösand County?
Ronald Niederman leaves Gossebarga heading for Alingsås.
Ronald Niederman drops the police car in Alingsås and kidnaps Anita Kaspersson.
On outskirts of Borås Neiderman turns south into the desolate forest outside Seglora and gets rid of Anita Kaspersson.
Anita Kaspersson was found outside Seglora.
Ronald Niedermann goes on through Seglora.
Niedermann goes to the Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club where he trades Anita Kaspersson's car for another and goes on north toward Norrtälje.
Neiderman bypasses Norrtälje to go to Kapellskår ferry docks though which passenger and freight traffic flows between Sweden and the Baltic countries. He finds the ferry lot crawling with cops and slinks back, past Norrtälje, to Zalachenco's property.
Lizbeth's route to Zalachenco's property starts at Fiskargatan 9. Via Slussen and Klaraberg Sleden she got onto the E18 going toward Norrtälje.
Lizbeth stops at a gas station on a hillside just outside Norrtälje with a view across a valley.
Across from from the gas station is the bus terminal lot and an industrial area. Beyond the yellow building is an industrial park.
The industrial park is Campus Roslangen that does not have the dismal brick building with a crumbling chimney stack described in the book.
But the industrial park does contain the Norrtälje Luftvärnsmuseum, which Zalachenco would have appreciated.
Another description of Zalachenco's property places it in vicinity of Skederid Kyrka, between Norrtälje and Rimbo.
Behind the church, a field of yellow.
A few hundred meters the other way is a site looking more like Zalachenco's property.
Zalachenco's property in Norrtälje Industrial site contains three buildings totalling 215,000 square feet.
Rådhuset, the court house where Lisbeth is freed.

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