The Sweden of My Family

I found the place in Sweden where my father, John (née Johann Arvid), his brother, August (née Magnus Agaton), and sister, Alice (née Elise) were born.
My father said his birthplace was Skög near Nordingrå, in Ångermanland. Nordingrå is on the map in the Höga Kusten region. Skög means forest, so the maps weren't much help. One map suggested a Skög along route 332 between Kramfors and Nordingrå. I had learned enough road signs in Sweden to recognize that k:a means kyrka, church, so I recognized that the sign on 332 east of Kramfors reading Skög k:a meant Skög Kyrka and knew at once sign the pointed to the church where my father's birth had been registered.
The belfry is being restored.
The gate reads MDCCCLXXIX or 1879, well before my father's birth.
As my father said, Skög is on a lake.
Directly off 332, toward the lake, are several driveways similar to this one. When my parents toured Sweden the first time, my father took a picture like this one, saying it was his home.
Nordingrå, east of E4 and closer to the Baltic is a village and larger older church (1847).

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